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2005 Moscow Chronics

June. On June 28 the meeting agaist the "new world order" was held in Moscow.

The resolution of the Meeting agaist the Уnew world orderФ

ћы Ц москвичи и жители других мест, молодежь, пожилые, русские и люди других национальностей Ц против Ђнового мирового пор¤дкаї!

Young and old inhabitants of Moscow and other Russia declare their protest against the new world order. We protest against the attempts of the USA to rule the world. They have no rights to demand Russia to apologize for entering of the Baltic states the USSR Ц they had been a part of Russia and everything corresponded to the International law.

We protest against the illegal Hague Tribinal on the former Yugoslavia. Free Milosevic and Slavic heroes!

We protest against new passes with digital biometric information and personal numbers Ц no to the Digital Jail! We protest against primitiveness of the mass-culture as all the nations inherit their great culture that cannot be dismissed by primitive kitch.

We are not going to be engaged into any Уcolored revolutionТ Ц we do not want to be puppets of the new world order.

No to the US control on the Russian nuclear forces! Putin, stay for Russian interests!

Our greetings to the peoples who stand against the new world order! We swnd our congratulations to Cubans and Belorussians on the occasion of their national holidays! Lukashenko, Slavic folks lay their hope upon You.

Do not surrender! We shall overcome!

May As President Bush arrived in Moscow on May 8, the antiglobalist resistance placed a banner with the slogan 'Bush, go away' on the bridge near the USA embassy. The banner was soon taken away by police.

March. On March 26 the meeting connected with the Day of the Anti-globalist resistance took place. Participants protested agaist agressive politics of the USA, supported the Iraqi resistance and  efforts of President of Belorussia Lukashenko defending political independence of the counry. Young communists andorthodox activists also rose their voices against "electronic spionage".

January. The All-Russian Anti-globalist Forum was held in Moscow on January 29. The participants represented the anti-globalist groups from many regions of Russia (Moscow and Moscow district, S-Petersburg, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Chukotka and others), and from Kiev (Ukraine). Besides the parties and movements, taking part in УAnti-globalist resistanceФ there were representatives of the Orthodox antiglobalist organisation and the leaders of the group УAlternativesФ. The Anti-globalist Manifest was subscribed. The participants took part in the meeting against reforms in Russia and in the meeting against the agressive politics of the USA, supporting the Iraqi people.


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