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The Anti-Globalist Resistance (chronics, documents, contacts)

2002- 2003 Moscow Chronics

2004 Moscow Chronics

2005 Moscow Chronics

The Day of the Anti-Globalist resistance (appeal)

The Documents of the Antiimperialist Camp (Assisi)

The Program of the Forum Assisi 2004

The news of the Antiimperialist camp

November 2003

January 2004

February-May  2004

June 2004

October 2004

December 2004

March 2005

April 2005

May 2005

July 2005

October 2005

Build a Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp

Free Milosevic!

The documents of the Anti-Globalist Resistance

Declaration of the Anti-Globalist Resistance

Greetings to Mumbai 2004 meeting of the Antiimperialist Camp

Greetings to participants of protest actions agaist S8 in Scotland

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